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Websites prepared for our clients are optimized at the creation stage. However, we also deal with the optimization of existing websites. The service consists in improving the quality of the website. The quality of the site is considered due to its structure, correctness of the code, accessibility for search engines and attractiveness for its users.

Website optimization improves the quality of a website in terms of its structure, code correctness, accessibility for search engines, and users. After our services, the website will be more frequently visited by users, which will also improve the statistics of visits. Properly highlighted keywords and unique content will attract internet users visiting the site for information.

Optimization takes place on three levels

Optimization of Page Code, Content, and Conversion.

Website optimisation

Website code optimization

Serves as preparation for positioning - optimized page code makes it more user-friendly and visible to search engine mechanisms (including Google in particular).​

As part of the optimization activities, we construct tags of special importance (meta tags - meta tags): we choose the title, page description, etc. We add friendly links that allow placing keywords in subpage addresses, also affecting faster page indexing. We prepare the appropriate header structure and sign all photos and graphics.

Page code optimization is the first and essential stage of website optimization. Its main task is based on the elimination of errors in the source code that make it difficult to effectively promote the site. Choosing the right, concise business-related keywords in the case of page optimization is of paramount importance. The most important phrases in the text should be properly accented, making the website even easier for search engines. It also allows you to effectively speed up page loading, which significantly increases the comfort of browsing the site.

Content optimization

It has two functions. It supports positioning, but also serves website users. Properly selected keywords and original, interesting content are important elements not only for search engine mechanisms, but also for users who are visiting the site for information.

By optimizing the content, we prepare original, unique content based on the materials and information provided. The content we prepare is full of keywords, to which users find information interesting to their search. We conduct all activities that may affect the improvement of website visit statistics.

The secret of content optimization lies in the selection of original, and most importantly, unique content with the right title for the text. The title fulfills one of the key optimization functions. It is also important to take care of the clarity of the message, which should be clear and understandable for each user. It is also important to choose the right keywords, which translates into the specific position of the website in search engines. Successful optimization of content clearly increases traffic on the website.

Conversion optimization

The goal of conversion optimization is to primarily increase sales and the number of queries (e.g. via the contact form). This type of optimization serves to turn website visitors into future company customers.

Conversion optimization activities are used to improve the effectiveness of website visits. By them, visitors to the site are more likely to do the actions they have taken (purchase, send an inquiry).

Skillful use of conversion optimization benefits the market success. In this case, there is an increasing number of regular and loyal customers, as well as the increasing number of inquiries and orders submitted by them. Effective conversion optimization translates directly into an increase in the company's revenues.

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