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Packaging and label design

We believe that remarkable and innovative projects are a success in creating a brand’s image. This also applies to the design of packaging and product labels. When designing, we focus on the customer’s place to create packaging or labels that the customer will choose. We know customers reach for a given item because of packaging. The packaging gives the consumer an idea of the product and the whole brand.

If you think packaging design is not very important – you are wrong. Even a simple product can gain prestige from the right packaging design, while the ill-conceived design can discourage the customer from shopping.

We design packaging,

which fall straight into the basket.

We help packaging to break out in front of the crowd. Check.


We design original creations that make the right impression.


We develop brand, illustrations and content that lead to action.


You will deposit the full amount when you are 100% satisfied

What You Receive


Two concepts to choose from.

We always present two, carefully refined pre-concepts. Every eye-catching and exposing customers value in a different way. It will allow you to ask customers about their preferences and make sure that the new product will sell great.


Up to 70% discount on one series.

When you design a coherent series of packaging that differ only in details, it is obvious that the amount of our work will be less than the design of each of these packages from the beginning. For you, this means a definitely lower price.


Great name and identification

We specialize in creating the names and designing the logo. We will design them for you. Research confirms that brand recognition is even more important than the taste of the product. What distinguishes branded products on the shop shelf is their identification.


Convincing advertising photographs.

Well-designed photography or illustration can sell a product as efficiently as a great salesman. At Vessto we will choose for you a unique composition from the best suppliers in the world. We do not use free photos. And if you are interested in an individual photo session, take a look here.


Sales support content.

Every day, we convince people to buy our customers’ products. Advertising slogans calls to buy. It is a coherent whole of work on the design of an effective packaging. You can also use this content in a different form of marketing. See our offer, click here.


PLU, grids and barcodes. Open files and copyright.

After finishing the work, you will receive all materials that you can use in the future. Open files for changes or editing. Files for printing in a printing house and presentation on the Net. We will give you full copyright so that everything we develop becomes your property.


A guarantee of full satisfaction

We work on every project to the full satisfaction of the client. We always promise success and we can guarantee it. We do not use nifty practices. Limits of corrections or corrections. You will not find any small prints or hidden clauses with us!

Do not wait and get a free estimate!

How It Work?

1. idea


Fill up simple online questionnaire.
It’s only 10 minutes for you.

2. planing


With us, every good project
was once a good plan.

3. implementation

We work until you’re proud!

90% of the work will be done for you for 50% of the price.

The second half will be settled only when you are fully satisfied with all the effects of our work.

How long does the packaging design process take?

You will see two preliminary concepts of the projects before the end of the week from the beginning of cooperation. The remaining time depends on the scale in which we will help you. We usually close the project over a month, but the decision as to how fast the process takes is yours.

What if your projects do not like me?

By excellent questionnaires we eliminated such situations. Often, customers complain that both projects that we have prepared, they like them so much that they do not know which one to choose. We want you to feel safe. So even if there is a situation in which none of the presented projects will gain your recognition. We will simply develop another concept at the same price.

What does the first step of cooperation look like?

Contact us using this form (click here), or call (773) 396-2673. Our representative will present you a non-binding offer on Vessto services tailored to your needs.

The first concepts even in 5 days?

stages of


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Discussion of the project

After meeting, we define the most important aspects of the project. The information collected will allow us to precisely define your expectations and direction of work.

Presentation of the price offer and completion date

We would like to get you know the price of services which we will do for you. It sets us apart from that our price no contain additional hidden costs.

Signing a contract or making an advance payment

Advance payment is 50% of the amount. 

Project Design

With the previously collected information, we do research on the market industry and your competition. Our team then develops several concepts that we present to you for acceptance.


If you have remarks on the concepts presented, they will be introduced until the desired effect is achieved.


After accepting the selected project, the order is completely settled and the set of graphic files is transferred (in the formats .cdr, .ai, .eps, .pdf, .tif, .jpg, .png).

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